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Wiki Strategies

Last weeks blog post we looked and discussed strategies used for micro-blogging. This week we have been asked to look at Wiki’s, what are they? How can they be used within an organization and what are some strategies that could be implemented using Wikis.  A Wiki is a website which allows its users to add, modify, or delete its content via a web browser. Wikis can be used for a large variety of tasks, from personal note-taking to collaborating online, creating an internal knowledge base, assembling an online community, and managing a traditional website.

The simplest online database that could possibly work. 
–Ward Cunningham

15  Productive Uses for Wikis

1) To-do list
2) Project Management
3) Operation Manuals
4) Checklists
5) Event Planning
6) Log Client Work
7) Tracking Invoices
8) Note and Snippets
9) Goals
10) Contacts
11) Workspace
12) FAQs
13) Collaboration
14) Reference
15) One place for everything

Wiki Strategy for ProMOS

ProMOS is an information technology hardware manufacturer which manufactures Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). At this stage ProMOS doesn’t have a strong presence of Web 2.0. Using wiki is a great way bringing internal staff and external customers to interact with ProMOS. Using a Wiki is a great way for internal staff member’s to organize projects, plan events and brainstorm ideas within an organization. Whilst it also allows the option of external customers to provide feedback or ideas to an organization. There will be 5 strategies Wiki Strategies my group has adopted for ProMOS. My particular strategy is “Collaboration and Enhancing Organizational Knowledge”

Collaboration and Enhancing Organizational Knowledge

Wiki is a great tool to collaborate ideas and keep organization information tidy/organized. By using this Wiki strategy ProMOS will open doors to internal collaboration between staff members. Staffs access can edit company contents, using a very simple tool and an ordinary web browser. Not only does it allow easy collaboration but allows the enhanced organizational aspect,  wikis would allow project management and documentation. It helps different companies in the search and recovery of their credentials.Whilst offers companies with a more structured approach.

ProMOS staff’s would use wikis to discuss latest topics, collaboration,  plan/manage projects and many more.

ProMOS could also consider adopting wikis for their customers. By having an external wiki for customers, it would act as a place where customers can create their own topics/questions about certain products of ProMOS. ProMOS could also use this as an opportunity to make new announcements via the external wiki on new products or updates. However there are better ways of doing such as using facebook or twitter, because of the notification features. In saying that,  by using an external wiki, ProMOS opens another door that connects to their customers, to collaborate with them and enhance engagement.

By employing this strategy, ProMOS would benefit a lot because of the collaboration and organizational knowledge Wiki’s brings.

Group members Wiki Strategies for ProMOS

1. Collaboration and Enhancing Organizational Knowledge 

2.Internal and external wiki communication in corporation

3. Organization Integration Plan

4. Raise productivity

5. Generation, design and control new projects in the company


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15 thoughts on “Wiki Strategies

  1. Hi Andy,

    I think there is usually a lot of information regarding DRAM and how it works on other sites such as wikipedia which would be the first point of information for most people. If they had a specific technology however it may become more useful for a wiki to explain how it works to customers.

    I think they should definitely use it to enhance project management and collaboration throughout the organization though!

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  3. Hi Andy,
    I think ProMOS creates wiki pages which can effectively increase organizational knowledge and collaboration. ProMOS separates two wiki pages which one is internal and other one is external. As a result, the corporation can through wiki have successful discuss with collaborate companies and staffs.

    • Hi Rick, thanks for reading! It would be a good idea that ProMOS could separate their wiki into 2 different sections for internal and for external use. By doing this, it allows staff to collaborate together and customers to interact in the same wiki!

  4. Hi Andy
    Nice example for wiki , wiki’s can be a great tool for organizations to use to collaboration between staff members. It also allows organizations to enchance the management of materials and could even act as a calander!

    • Hi Denni,

      yes using wiki is actually a great tool for organizations to collaborate effectively both internally and externally! It could even enhance organizational management, e.g contents,plannings

  5. Hi Andy

    Processing invoices is an interesting use of Wikis, I’ve never thought in that way before, is interesting to know that maybe ProMOS could use a Wiki with this purpose, but can you explain a little bit about how?


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  7. Wiki is a really useful tool to capture knowledge. Staff can build a knowledgebase and share their expertise with others. The search functionality is also very handy to search for information within the wiki.

  8. Using wiki to benefit both internal and external , could also help the organization in generating new ideas . I have to also agree with you so much on the use of wiki being used in project management as both my case organization – american airlines and I myself use it for the purpose . Great post , Andy

  9. Hi Andy,

    The main strategy behind wiki is that they are web pages that allow users to modify, add or remove contents from a webpage. Thus, wikis are popular because of their dynamic nature. They can be used to bring internal staff together and at the same time engage external clients in close and interactive contacts. In this regard, wikis are a best way to enhance knowledge within an organization and promote collaboration between organizations and the external world. Because wikis can easily be edited, they provide organizations with the opportunity to organize information in tidy manners. The staffs are provided with the chance to access the contents of the organization through the use of ordinary web browsers and other simple tools. Further, because of the same ease, project management and documentation can easily be achieved. On the same note, collaboration within and outside the organization setting can help the organization plan and manage their projects properly. I enjoyed reading your post.

    Regards, Mazen

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