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Micro-blogging & Strategies

Micro-blogging? What is it? My first impression before i heard the definition in the lecture was some sort of small blog. I was thinking how is it different to a normal blog, how does it differ from this blog.

So what is Micro-blogging?

Micro blogging is a form of blogging but in a micro sense. The original concept of blogging actually mutated into this form. From small updates to lager blog posts.  Why? As people are under more pressure, rushing around with studies/work. Using micro-blogging allows simplified short messaging and has become increasingly more popular. Micro-blogging tools include Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, LinkedIn and Google+.  The majority of these tools have someone made status updates look like micro blogging, it allows quick post ones current thoughts yet it conveys enough meaning. Whilst also allow users to exchange small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images, or video links. Even with the vast majority of blogging tools there has to be careful consideration about the strategy set in place when using these tools when creating an online presence.

Interesting fact : All micro blogging sites in China are censored including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The more popular ‘local’ social networking sites in China – Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo are not only heavily censored but from now on any member will need to sign a contract (operating on a points system) that will censor whatever you say. You will loose points for using inappropriate words. Should you loose all your points your account will be cancelled. You may even be investigated if you fall foul of ‘big brother’. Syncstrategies (2012)



Our groups 5 Micro-blogging strategy:

#1 Cross promote to social media sites

#2 Internal & external communication with micro-blogging

#3  Micro-Blogging marketing with 5W 1H

#4 Utilizing micro-blogging to enhance business marketing for advertisment

#5 Reputation management and recovery in times of crisis

My  section of our Micro-blogging Strategy:

#1 Cross promote to social media sites-

As with any organizations the more social media your organization is connected to the more you are able to promote awareness of your company. In my opinion, cross promoting on various social media sites is a key aspect of micro-blogging. It’s like planting a seed in your garden, the more you plant the more beautiful flowers you have. Same as cross promoting, the more an organization has a presence on multiple social media tools  there will be more success, because of the the majority of tools can be linked to each other. Allowing more exposure.

Keep it simple 

Keeping things simple and easy to follow is a great way not to lose or distract your visitors. Using twitter can take time to get use to, however the benefits far out weights the drawback.

Twitter is essentially a micro blogging site, which means that you use the site for abbreviated messages with a maximum of 140 characters to each message. Consequently you keep your posts to just a few lines and directed to the point. It’s amazing how much you can say with very little space and having to be very brief and specific in what you say. People are more than likely to read your messages when they’re very short.  Using images, videos and hash tags is a great way to broadcast your message however long or short it is. Hashtags are great for centralizing conversations around live, in-person events or conferences, live webinars, or other marketing campaigns you’re running.

Final Thoughts:

Micro-blogging has become ever more popular as time seems to move more faster. There aren’t any no cost effective and better viral method better than social micro blogging. In less than a minute your message can be spread far and wide to thousands or even millions of Followers. Weather it is the use of facebook, twitter or other social tools that allows fast micro-blogging, anyone can spread a message virtually instantly.  Particularly for organizations who have a lot of customers such as airports, banks and fast food chains. Micro-blogging is a brilliant way of getting message to your followers.

Other readings you may like to check out:

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– http://www.heatbrain.com/website-development-and-design/web-design-free-tools-social-networking-strategies.aspx


7 thoughts on “Micro-blogging & Strategies

  1. I think micro-blogging is easily post our dynamic state because we do not need to write huge words in post. Besides, a lot of corporations use micro-blogging now, such as airports and banks. As a result, micro-blogging will gradually become mainstream style in the future.

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    • Hi Andy
      This way enables us to understand the corporate strategy of this report will use, and planning effective management not just use the micro-blog strategy. but rather use of web2.0 and enterprise 2.0 specification entity application..

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