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Up up and away…

Who would have though social media would revolutionize an airport’s communicates with their passengers! Airlines can now use social media to offer their passengers exciting promotions, competitions and incentives, for example Virgin Blue’s Cheeps and Air Asia’s Big Cent Sale. They also use broader technologies and platforms with greater integration- Foursquare, Facebook, YouTube, Flick were used in KLM’s Surprise Campaign which rewarded customers who checked in with gifts in the terminals. Airports, on the other hand, use social media, especially Twitter, primarily for general announcements and customer service with very few airports partaking in more innovative campaigns. Social media allows airports to achieve their goals,  allows another dimension of engagement with customers and increase in revenue.


Let us take a look at 3 airports that use social media to promote their airline and increase sales.

Changi Airport (Singapore)

Objective: To launch Changi Airports largest ever shopping promotion.

Singaporeans invited to show what it feels like to win $1 in a flash mob-style mass performance, right in the heart of Changi Airport.

This attracted over 400 performers, professional and amateurs, aged 10 to 75

Outcome: Apart from driving retail sales up, the campaign evoked heartwarming expressions of pride as well. It has received 340,000 view on Youtube so far.


Melbourne Airport

Like the majority of air-ports, Melboune Airport has adopted to use twitter as part of their plan to to help travellers plan their journeys better. How? By providing them with latest deals, information and flights from Melbourne on their Twitter stream. This allows twitter followers of Melbourne airport to get the latest leads, whilst increasing revenue and promotes engagement between Melbourne Airport and its customers through social media.

Melbourne Airports use of Twitter












Manchester Airport

The first UK airport to officially launch a Twitter stream, in February 2009. Currently Manchester Airport has 18,000 followers.

A new global survey has ranked Manchester Airport as the World’s number one airport on Twitter.

During the snow and the volcanic ash cloud crises, Twitter became one of the vital channels of communication. Updates were posted as they happened, even Sky News took live updates from the Manchester Airport Twitter stream to use on it’s website and TV channel.

It was interesting Manchester Air  is actually following more potential customers than it has followers (see image below). This shows a concerted effort by this airport operator to not only disseminate news and updates but also its willingness to engage through social media with their followers.







Social media provided a way of communicating to followers of the crisis, spearding the word about this is easier through the use of social media. At present, the main ways that airports employ social media are, customer service, crisis handling, relationship building and increasing commercial activity.

However, there is greater opportunity for airports to engage in social media to better service customers, create entertainment and provide a positive and enjoyable experience. Social media communicates and spreads this positive customer experience, spreading word of mouth and generating loyalty/  increased customers and increase in revenue.

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8 thoughts on “Up up and away…

  1. Hi Andy,

    Good post over-all, listed three current methods of using social media in airports. Can you think of many new and innovative way social media may be applied to airports? or perhaps a similar idea to whats being done already but done in a different way?

    • Thanks Adam, yes these are 3 of the current methods, well 1 way could be implement a way for passengers who are flying by themselves and have a long wait to find others in the same boat as them. For example maybe on a long transit they would like to meet others going on the same flight who are flying solo, social media could be use to help them interact and get in touch with each other!

  2. Hi Andy,
    I think Changi Airport has a successful activity which attracts over 400 performers. Nowadays, the activity video still circulates in Youtube, and then airport retail shops have significant growth of turnover. As a result, introducing social media in airports have positive influence.

    • Hey Rick, thanks for the reading, yes youtube is used a lot these days as a way to broadcast activities of organizations virtually, this allows increase in engagement with people.

  3. If airline companies had any campaign like tweet us or visit our blog and gain a fidelity point, I would have a diary contribution to their social media endpoint :).
    Seriously, customers are always motivated when some gift is involved, so in my opinion to gather some initial outcomes they should invest more in giving small prizes. What do you think?

  4. You’ve shown a good sample of how airports are using social media to promote and communicate their existing services. I wondder if airports could add new services, that is, new revenue streams, through soical media and other web 2.0 platforms?

  5. Hello Andy 🙂 ~
    Good point of you.” Social media provided a way of communicating to followers of the crisis”, These airports are using social media platforms to promote their promotions, and to know the latest news of the airport platform to create high-quality information through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, so that not only help to prepare passengers before leaving the country, but also help to the internal managementthe whole of (management mechanism).

    • Hey Denni thanks for reading, by implementing social within an airport, it will not only promote awareness but could also engage passengers to communicate with each other. For example, if your travelling alone to another country and have a 9hour wait for connecting flight, airports could us social media to connect passengers together.

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