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Why Enterprise 2.0?

So i am asking myself, why Enterprise 2.0? Why are organizations implementing Enterprise 2.0? The implementation of Enterprise 2.0 brings in both many benefits, but as with everything there are risks associated. There will be organisations out there that try to block social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and MSN, but you have to ask yourself by blocking these you not only stop the risks associated but also the benefits these tools present. In my opinion the benefits of these social media far outweigh the risks.

There are various benefits of implementing Enterprise 2.0 within an organization.

When Enterprise 2.0 is implemented into the working environment, things like productivity and efficiency will increase. There will be increased productivity which will allow better team effectiveness. Faster innovation and product developments and improved team performances, which enhanced trust building.  However i found that the most important issue where there is reduced use of email. Enterprise 2.0 allows an alternative way of communicating thus reducing email, which will ultimately increase productivity and efficiency within an organization.  Here are organizations whose productivity, efficiency has increased due to the use of enterprise 2.0

  1. MWW Group –  One of the US’s top 10 PR companies adopted a wiki for communicating on projects, tracking media and integrating new media services – Success in reducing the use of email in the organisation
  2. Specialised Bicyle – collaborate internationally with smartsheet.com – Success in introducing a global collaboration tool to increase transparency in projects

Staff engagement leads to better internal communication with in the organization, and with it also comes a more effective learning and deployment environment due to bringing such fast amounts of technology together.

  • McDonalds –  a real time blog and feedback Awareness platform available once a week for employees – Success in allowing employees regular feedback and access to a senior executive. Being a part-time worker at MacDonalds i can say that managers communicate with employees via Facebook group. This allows easy way of communicating to everyone and allows staff to engage with one another easily.










Enterprise 2.0 tools not only allows productivity, engagement better employees but it allows the reputation of the organization itself to grow. The internet is a big market place, why not advertise your organization through the use of social media!

  1. Coca Cola – an out of work actor and his friend started up a Coca-Cola fan page – Success in letting the fans create and maintain content – 3.6 million friends agree
  2. Redbull.com – established a facebook account – Success in gaining acceptance in the targeted demographic ( 1.1million fans)


So what are some of the risks that organizations carry with the implementation of Enterprise 2.0?

Security is a big risk in Enterprise 2.0. Implementing it  may lead to a weaker and less secure network within an organization. Opening systems can make systems vulnerable to malware, which brings the factor of leaking/theft of  important company information. Relating to information leakage, comes along loss of control, which means that the flow of information is no longer controlled by executives. Loss of control can also lead to negative internal comments within an organization which can also damage the reputation of the company from the inside as well as the outside. As mentioned before ultimately the benefits of enterprise 2.0 far outweighs the risks, which is why organizations will continue to adopt these social media tools within their workplace.


12 thoughts on “Why Enterprise 2.0?

  1. Hello, Andy. Nice a post.
    I think corporation uses Enterprise 2.0 that benefits are productivity and efficiency, staff engagement, reputation and knowledge in their operation. Although corporation introducing Enterprise 2.0 has some risk, it still improves their work efficiency.

  2. I’m surprised Macdonalds use facebook to connect managers and employees. I tend to think of facebook as a personal social network platform and don’t connect to anyone I work with, instead I use linkedin for work connections. But then I can see how this would be a really effective communication channel given the young age demographic of the majority of their workers. They’ve obviously managed the risks in order to get the benefit of better communication. Great example!

    • Thanks Amanda, yes facebook offers another way of communicating with employees. Most definetely the young age demographic plays a huge role because young teenagers/adult use social media alot. There are risks attached as you mentioned, for example managers had to make it clear that staff must not use the facebook group page to swap shift. Why? Because the group page is meant to be for announcements etc

  3. Hello Andy
    I am also very curious. After read your blog entries to know that McDonald’s use the FB connection management and staff information. I have some think wiht Ananda. I thought FB just the individual social network platform and will not link to private individuals work matters. McDonald’s can realize staff their ideas. I think McDonald’s use this bridge that the establishment fo rist management and good communication benefits. That’s really nice.

  4. Hey Andy,

    interesting post! But I would recommend that you differentiate a little bit more between internal and external web2.0 tools. I can see how internal web2.0 tools, like yammer or wikis allow people to work more efficiently but letting employees use facebook might be counterproductive as they will likely check their updates and might not work as much as they could. I mean that’s at least an argument that a lot of managers will use to block facebook access at work. Maybe you could adress these risks a little bit more. If you have time you can also check out my blog: http://inn346qut.wordpress.com/ I appreciate every feedback I get!

  5. well, in my opinion, i might not use Coca Cola as an instance for web2.0 tools resulting increasing reputation since the company has already been known by the world. Instead, I do agree that through introducing web2.0 tools to the company, productivity and efficiency have both been boosted to certain degree.

  6. Letting people who love your brand share the love through social media is a great way in getting your message across. If your fans love your brand, they will spread “good” words for you and in many case defend you. However, it is also in the opposite direction.

  7. I think McDonald is a good organization in enterprise 2.0
    McDonald integrated the internet services in their food order system
    For example,(GIS) McDonald use enterprise food deliver system provide customers have high quality meal order services.

    • Thanks for the comment, macdonalds is such a big company worldwide and it is cruicial that they get the use of social media right! Even Enterprise 2.0 can be used to boost a company like macdonalds precense.

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