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To blogging and beyond!

Hello everyone,

This is my FIRST blog entry for the INN346 Enterprise 2.0 unit  i am studying at QUT.  I am very excited with the unit (enterprise 2.0) it will give me a  better understanding of not just how to use a blog but learn about the purpose behind it and  how a blog can give you an online presence. The purpose of my blogs is to share with people my thoughts, build a relationship with the readers and a reputation. Sharing your thoughts, impressions can often leave a thought or feeling within a person. It can be said you leave a little seed inside someone, that little seed could be an inspiration of what they have read from your blog. They can then take that inspiration and use it.

Blog connects you to your friends, public, your idols, speaks your passion, presents ones thoughts in ways unimaginable.

Source: http://blog.hubspot.com/Portals/249/images/blogging%20image.jpg

Steps i will be taking to create successful blogs?

–  Ensure that my blog has catchy headlines, this will draw attentions of viewers!
–  Write from the heart & Interact with the readers!
–  Give the readers a reason to come back. Leaving a blog that impresses readers will bring them back to your blog!
–  Remember your readers, who your target audience are!
–  Frequent updates of my blog, to bring your latest thoughts, impressions and ideas to people.

Examples of  what is a good blog

– http://blogs.smh.com.au/digital-life/gadgetsonthego/

what i like about this blog is that it has a clear target audience, those who like their gadgets and latest technologies, the blog posts are interesting and filled with information of various new technologies in the digital world. However these blogs are updated or haven’t had new blog posts for over 2 years.

– http://blog.commbank.com.au/your-bank/put-yourself-in-the-driving-seat/

this blog isn’t a blog about the users thoughts and passion, commonwealth bank has use their blog as a way to promote their competition. This is an interesting and good way to bring people to know more about commonwealth bank and also gives them a chance to look at competitions and promotions.


7 thoughts on “To blogging and beyond!

  1. Hey your blog was quite interesting to read and I like it how you have described the impact of sharing one’s thoughts with others. Kinda wish I was able to provide something interesting to say on my blog.

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